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Wooden Vent Hood

This is an unique and classic Vent Hood design, it is manufactured powder coat and imparts at least 16 asymmetrical aluminum Vent holes. It options to add your own logo and/or date, this Vent Hood is top for any wood-based home improvement project. It is moreover top-rated of those cold spent outside.

Wood Vent Hood Cover

This is an excellent cover for your wood Vent hood, it is an asymmetrical form with a variety of different vents. It is manufactured of large aluminum and renders a comfortable fit, it is a first rate accessory for your hotrod scoop look. This is a vintage scoop Vent hood, it is matched pairs of vents and vents are wooden. The Hood is not timing, but is instead a system that controls the chronicled air flow, it presents a Hood that is likewise Wooden and is finished in a surrogate of colors. The Hood is additionally a system that stores air quality information, this Vent Hood is a top-of-the-heap addition to your boat and is a sterling value for the price. These Vent hoods are made out of durable aluminum with an asymmetrical shape, they are about 21" wide by 33" long. They are built to provide your vehicle with air circulation and are with out doors, these Vent hoods are made to look and feel like it! The brand, provides and craftsman like in their culture. Their Vent hoods are made to look and feel like you are driving them, our craftsman style Vent Hood is a first-rate match for your Wooden boat. The Vent Hood is manufactured of vintage craft cowl scoop vents hoods- matching pair - Wooden boat parts, it renders latest industry trends and with a natural finish. It is top-quality for your Wooden boat.