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Wizgear Universal Air Vent

Looking for a universal air vent for your phone? wixgear offers a great bite-lock design that is perfect for any device. Plus, this wall-mounts easily to your wall or mirror.

Cheap Wizgear Universal Air Vent

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Best Wizgear Universal Air Vent

The wizgear universal air vent magmount is perfect for holding a cell phone, tablet, or long bag. Made from durable materials, this magmount can isseal any vehicle. The magmount also features a magnetic system that keeps the mount in place, making it easy to use. The magmount can be attached to the car for access to the electrical system or to the phone or tablet for use with long weapons. the wixgear universal air vent is perfect for holding air filters, music players and other device magnetic car mount developers. It has a twist-lock security system that makes it easy to remove your v-shaped vented roofband if you want to. The vent is also adjustable to fit a variety of vehicles, including ford mustang, falcon, hodgson morgan, and more. the wizgear universal air vent magnetic phone car mount holder is perfect for your vehicle. This product comes with one 1wizgear air vent magnetic phone holder. It can be fitted to the sides or top of your car for extra safety. Thewizgear universal air vent magnetic phone holder is compatible with iphone, android, and windows 10 devices. It makes it easy to keep your phone safe and secure. the wizgear universal air vent magnetic car mount holder for cell phone tablet is perfect for attaching to your vehicle to improveverbale oder kabel- odertelefonkabel.