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Vent Wrap

Introducing the Vent Wrap 4-pack of black ice Vent wraps! This products is an unrivaled way to add a pop of color to your décor or office space and add comfort and comfortability during the day, with 4-pack of Vent wraps, you're sure to get a response from your guests and friends.

Little Tree Vent Wrap

This Wrap is top for keeping the sun out of you of wax, the deep green and fun scent will make you feel like you're in a good place while you're there. This Vent Wrap air freshener is sensational for your home! With its cool and relaxing scent, you will want to stay warm all day long, if you appreciate spending time outdoors, take a moment to appreciate spending time with little trees! These tall trees are hand-picked with aim to create a tree car air freshener. The scent of strawberry is added into the mix for a fun and refreshing atmosphere, 16 wraps = 4 packs. This 4-pack of little trees Vent Wrap air freshener grants 16 pieces in 1 bag, it's a good alternative to fresh up when you're not comfortable with just one piece of air freshener.