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Saturn Sky Hood Vents

The Saturn Sky Hood is an 100% carbon fiber cover for your car, it features a decorative functional air flow Hood and a cover to keep your car clean. The Hood is also vent cover for extra protection.

Top 10 Saturn Sky Hood Vents

The Saturn Sky Hood vents are first-class substitute to add a touch of luxury to your car, they are uncomplicated to order and are descendants of the vent system used in a Saturn ambulance. The vent system is known to be reliable, and this Hood is no different, the Hood extends a scoop venting system and a biz cover. The vent system is furthermore responsible for adding air flow to the car, the air flow is used to create a lofting effect on the car. They look beneficial and provide plenty of air flow, the Hood scoop vent cover is manufactured to protect and windowed up your car. The x78 design provides plenty of air flow for your fan to breathe, the Hood vents the car with air and making it ready for the sun. They come in 2 styles - open or closed, the open style allows air to come in to the engine, while the closed style keeps the air quality in. It's up to you if you want the open or the closed style, the Saturn Sky Hood vents are also universal, meaning they can be used for any car. By vents, we mean that they are not metal or plastic vents, but rather consist of a louver scoop with cover material, the air-flow inlet is universal, and it will work with the other vents from your car.