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Pontiac Grand Prix Hood Vents

This Hood is a top-rated addition to your 1994-1996 Pontiac Grand Prix car! It is fabricated of durable plastic and imparts a vents on both the left and right side to let in air without having to remove the air filter, the all-metal construction means that this Hood will resist rust and wear and make your car look new again.

Pontiac Grand Prix Hood Vents Ebay

This is a valuable original 1964 Pontiac Grand Prix exterior cowl vent cover, the cover is in top-notch condition with only a few very small tears and nicks. The cover is again in top-notch condition with no damage, the cover is now an exceptional fit for the car. The Pontiac Grand Prix Hood vents are sterling for your car, with single vented hoods, you can enjoy the fresh powdery climate for hours on end. The high quality and reliable features make this Hood a must-have for any car, the Grand Prix Hood vents are enticing for racing cars! They provide air flow and performance that you grove on and are made of durable materials that make them reliable. These vents are splendid addition to your car and beneficial for improving air management, the Pontiac Hood vents are excellent addition to your car. They look good and provide good performance, the venting is done in an alternative that is excellent because it makes sure that the air flow is keeping your car hunting and performing like a shell of its former self.