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Kitchen Hood Vent Ducting Kit

This Kitchen Hood venting Kit is fantastic for cooking on the long days out! The enlarge the Hood space by adding 100 cm Kit from our m150 Ducting Kit can handle any cooking size from 150 mm to 150 cm, with our extractor fans enabled, you can cook hotter and faster with ease.

Microwave Exhaust Vent Kit

This laptop range Hood is a first-class surrogate if you need an exhaust Vent to go with your square duct damper flap air Vent outlet kit, the Kitchen range Hood comes with a new flaperon that helps with air flow and it outlets into the Kitchen through a small hole in the back. The Hood also offers a protected outlet for your cooktop, the microwave roof Vent Kit is a top-notch surrogate to keep your microwave in good condition and protected. This Kit comes with a ss stainless steel linear 100 cm chimney cooker hood, this Hood is designed to keep the microwave warm and where needed. The Hood also grants a came with a microwave roof Vent kit, this is a first rate set for enthusiasts who crave to cook in the microwave without having to worry about clean-up. The Kitchen Hood Kit is outstanding for cooking on the top of the oven or oven mcmahon cuisine, it is an ideal alternative for people who are scouring for Ducting Kit for 150 mm cooker hoods. The Kit comes with an 100 cm diameter cooker hoods and extractor fans, this Kitchen Hood Vent Ducting Kit is best-in-the-class for making it feel more public in the kitchen. The damper helps to stop the wind and air from entering the kitchen, while the flaps keep the air coming from the vents, this Kit is again top-of-the-line for improving muffler performance in the kitchen.