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Hood Vents Car

Introducing the hood vent spacer riser kit for the honda civic ek ef 88-00 acura integra! This complete system offers a new hood vent spacers and riser kit that makes for easy installation. The hood vent spacers provide plenty of room to work with, while the riser kit provides a sturdy foundation for your honda civic ek ef 88-00 acura integra.

Custom Hood Vents

If you’re looking for a hood that will let you know that you’re in the car, then look no further than the heated hood. These vents are perfect for increasing heating and cooling speed in the car, and making the car feel ice cold. when it comes to your car, with a heated hood it can all be made to feel like a dream. With the right vents and a heated hood, your car can actually feel like it’s in the cold.

Fiberglass Hood Vents

This fiberglass hood vents kit for the jeep or ford 4. 0l laredo or smartly hood ventlescadillac can help keep your air conditioning and cold air into your car and out of your passengers. The kit comes with six louvers, two on the front and two back of the car. The louvers can be customized to your liking. As you open the louvers, small air pockets are created that take the heat away from the car. The car hood vent intakes are also part of the package and can be customized to your liking. There is also a cold air intake and a ventsi. Biz cover. The ventsi. Biz cover is a great addition if you want to add some extra warmth to your car. this is a great way to improve air flow in your car. The louver scoop feature ensures that even though the car is windows down, the cold air is pushing through the vents. The scoop cover is made of durable materials to ensure your car remains responsive and warmed up. The air flow intake is designed to cool your car no matter the situation. It has a sleek design that will make your car stand out from the crowd. our car hood vents are designed to meet the needs of your mazda323 bg family car. Our venting system is adjustable and allows for different air quality conditions that will meet your needs. Our venting system is also universal, so you can find the car hood vent that works best for you. our hood vents are the perfect solution for your car. Our scoop louver hood vent system is designed to provide improved air flow and a cooler car. Thebased on our "universal" design, our vents are compatible with a wide variety of cars. From a variety of sizes and shapes, we have something for you.