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Grill Vents

This grill vent spoiler is made of universal abs plastic and is a 15. 5 x 47. 5 inch size. It has a honeycomb mesh grill spoiler border and is made of 15% faster materials.

Smoker Vent

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Bbq Grill Vents

This product is a grill cover. It is made of 40x13 aluminum, and it has a black finish. It is also made of 2 layers of protection against wear and tear. It is also made of ventsi. Biz effect fabric that is also strong and durable. this grill vent replacement charcoal vent is the perfect solution for those with old style vents and need to add a new level of air flow. The fly screen allows you to easily judge the level of air pressure inside your grill while the louver grille covers the access to air that you often miss from traditional vents. This grill vent is made of high-quality materials and is sure to provide the same level of air flow as your old vents. the bmw x3 g01 x4 g02 side wing grill vents is a great addition to your outdoor grill. It is made of cerium grey, which is a great color to have on your property. The grill vent is making use of natural ventilation and is going to give you a more comfortable atmosphere to cook. the bbq island vents are a great way to add a touch of elegance to your home bar or restaurant. These covers are perfect for grills that have a gloss black finish or for those who want to use a less expensive grill. The covers are also great for those with a round grill.