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Glass Block Window Vent Screens

This hopper vent for glass block windowswscreen and lock is a great way to protect your window screen and lock. It has a strong plastic construction and is made of strong temperrated glass. It is also keyy anti-theft.

Glass Block Window Vent Screens Target

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Best Glass Block Window Vent Screens

This is a removable screen that can be used to close the vent window on a glass block window. When in use, the screen can hold the lock on the window, preventing it from opening again while the window is closed. this 18 in. X 23. 25 in. X 3. 125 in. Frameless double-pane vented glass blockwindow is a great choice for openings in your home. With spaciousness in mind, it has mats for comfort and an adjustable window level. The glass is of course, barrier-free quality. The screen size is 23. This window is also safety-friendly with a safety rating of 23/30 this is a great way to keep your window structure and functionality in tact while expanding the ventilation space. The glass block window vent screens are removable for easy cleaning and are available in a variety of colors and sizes. our clear glass window screens are cleverly combining a frameless design with a secure clasp to make your glass block window stand out and keep your safety concerns account. Our screens are also covered by our clearly secure glass block window security system which prevents them from being stolen or stolen by of their own will.