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Gable Vent

This is a square top vent automatic shutter louver with a 19. 25 in. X 19. This louver is made from aluminum and has a square top. It is made to open with a simple twist. It has a comfortable feel to it and is made to be easy to open with a simple twist.

Triangle Gable Vent Attic Louver 5/12 Pitch, 60

Triangle Gable Vent Attic Louver 5/12 Pitch, 60" Base, 12.5" h

By American Louver And Vent Company


Gable Vent Octagon 22

Gable Vent Octagon 22" w x 22" h Many Colors

By American Louver And Vent Company


Gable Vents

The gable vents are a typically american contribution to the architecture of their homes. They provide room for in-drafting air to flow into the home from the sash and doorways, and from the advantages that a gable vents provide in restricting air leakage. The venting of gables has been a part of the architecture of many american homes, from specific locations like yale and university place in new york city, to general types of homes throughout the country. the benefits of gable vents are many. First, they restrict air leakage, as when the gable vents are there, they are able to limit air leakage to the home from the opening and by the doorways. This means that it can't be done when the ventilation is not there. Second, gable vents help to require less attention from visitors, as when they are there, they can't see in-drafting air movement. Third, gable vents help to direct the a/c air that enters the home towards the home from the openings and doorways. This helps to keep the house cooler as it walks through, as gable vents try to cool the interior down.

Aluminum Gable Vents

The aluminum gable vents are a great way to protect your home from the cold winter weather. The vents are designed to give you a more warm and life feeling experience in your home. The vents are also good for protecting your ceiling and walls from the cold. the louvered gable vent is a great way to keep your vehicle's air vents open and looking great. This vent is made of aluminum and has a white rectangle flange. It is 14. 5-in x 20. 5-in and is attached to the engine by a white rectangle flange. this 12 in. X 12 in. Square unfinished wood painting can be used as a screen door or the gable vents provide power to the home country music playing in the background. The louver vent is a large, open ventilationslot that is located within the gable, and is heated by the sun. The vents are ensure good air circulation and keep the house from dwelling in the hot spot. this mid america rectangular vinyl gable vent 12" x 18" with screen 196" is orignially in original condition with a few useable years. The gable vents are a great feature of this home, as they provide good ventilation and add the perfectround gable style. This home has an interesting antique silver finish that makes it a good choice for a home entertainment center.