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Fake Air Vent Safe

This is a perfect looking and feel very safe hexclad 007069 commercial 12-inch lid stainless steel tempered glass. You won't be disappointed with this product.

Fake Air Vent Safe Amazon

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Fake Air Vent Safe Ebay

This fake air vent safe is made of new hexclad 007045 commercial 8-inch lid stainless steel tempered glass. It is a great choice for those who want to create a safe and protected space to store items. This safe also features a tight fit system that makes it easy to close and locks in protection. this fuel safe vent cap with air filter is a great way to keep your air flowing in your vehicle. The cap and filter are made from safe materials that you can trust, ensuring your air flow in your vehicle is protected. It is a safe that you can trust. It has a security locking system that makes it secure and reliable. You can trust that this fake air vent safe is fake and that it will protect your air vents. It has a tempered glass trade-mark. It is made from a tough and strong material that will protect your air vents.