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Dryer Vent Hose

This aluminum ducting dryer vent hose is the perfect length for 8ft flexible non-insulated air pipes. It ends up being a more efficient way to gain air in and out of your dryer during the summer months. Not to mention, it is colorable in any color you want!

Dryer Vent Hose Kit with Clamps Foil Metal

Rigid Dryer Vent

Rigid dryer venting is a term used to describe the practice of using a dryer in which the metal parts of the dryer are not flexible or ability to move. This can make the dryer difficult to move and cause it to vent. the reason the dryer vent is so difficult to move is because the metal parts of the dryer are not flexible or able to move. The parts of the dryer that are flexible can be moved by a few objects, but the parts that are not flexible will need several objects to move them. This is because the parts of the dryer that are flexible can be able to move if they are first moved into the correct position. But if the parts of the dryer that are not flexible move first, then they will be unable to move the dryer and the dryer will vent.

Clothes Dryer Vent Hose

This dryer vent hose is made of flexible rubber and is designed to be easy to install. It has a airtight seal and is guaranteed to keep your clothes dry. this 4x8-foot dryer vent ducting is made from flexible aluminum for an easy transition from the traditional metal pipeline into the new, energy-efficient dryer. The clamps make it easy to place the hosing over the new ducting and keep it in place. The hosing also prevents possible water infiltration into the old dryer. this 4yourhome indoor condenser vent kit box with hose for tumble dryers is perfect for keeping your dryervent ducts clean and organized. The box has a hanger that holds a water bottle or ink bottle, and a hole in the bottom for a hose. The box is also plastic and can hold a lot of water, so it's perfect for keeping water bottles clean and organized. this 12 ft long x 4 wide rigid dryer vent duct is perfect for connecting other parts of the appliance to the dryer. It is heavy-dutyflexible aluminum and features a transition closure for a tight fit. It is perfect for using with other heavy-duty flexible hose.