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Denman Vented Brush

The denman d200 flexible hyflex vent brush is a soft, vented brush that allows for comfortable use in any situation. The soft, vented hair is designed to language and shape with ease, making it easier for you to manage.

denman D 100T

denman D 100T

By Denman


Denman Vented Brush Walmart

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Best Denman Vented Brush

The denman d300 curling vent hair brush is a new in box brush that provides a denman like design with citadel's vented hair brush. The brush is designed to give your hair the most realistic denman effect. the denman brush bundle original styler is a great way to get your natural look back. This brush is denmanvented which gives you a more break-able and abuse-resistant brush. The 7 row d3 curling brush is designed to give you salon-quality curls. And the original styler gives you years of enjoyment from your brush. denman vented brush is perfect for hiding any knots, line-aments or wrinkles in your hair. It's also great for lightening hair or for taking offamers. the denman dhh2 head hugger heat retention brush is perfect for attaching a head to your hair to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny. This brush is made of durable plastic and has a cool color design.