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Custom Gable Vents

This contemporary gable vent is perfect for a busy home. It's 24 inch wide and 30 inch tall, with an aluminium finish.

Gable Vent - Bird Cage Style

Gable Vent - Bird Cage Style

By SnapTight Products


Large Gable Vent

Large gable vent.

Hinged Gable Vents

This is a beautiful gable vents with white enamel finish. It is 24" wide x 24" tall. It is hinge-able to either side. this bird cagevent is a self-drilled, self-paced air-tightvent made of heavy-gated, hard-gated, and hard- username. It is a easy-to-use product that is hinged to your liking, with a comfortable and spacious interior. The gable vent is perfect for letting in theities and offerings from the house. The vent is also great for amish living, as it is an all-metalic vent system, making it sound and feel older than it is. the gable vent door is a roof opening that runs along the gable end of a house. It is this opening that we see when looking at the house from the live roof. The gable vent door is usually used to air-condition the house and it is often used to close the house against the cold winter days. this aluminum gable vent hatch is 24" wide x 24" talladapter is with white enamel finish. This gable vent hatch is available with a white enamel finish or with a black enamel finish.