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Boat Vent 2

Dangle off your boat with a ziphone boat vent 2. This innovative invention lets you extend the black bay 58 support pole to provide leverage for extended power sailings and wind surfing. With a soft, spacious interior and easy-to-use controls, the boat vent is perfect for powerboat fans or anyone looking for an ideal solution for extended sailing.

Vico Marine Boat Vent 2

Vico Marine Boat Vent 2

By Vico Marine


Boat Vent Ii

The boat vent is a great airtight way to protect your boat from the elements. It doesn’t require any installation and it’s very easy to use. just set the boat vent in the area you want to protect and enjoy your boat while the water continues around the world.

Vico Marine Boat Vent

This vico marine boat vent 2 is perfect for extending themax. Lifting capacity of your boat to 27 is now possible with this vico marine boat vent 2. Best of all, it's built with high-quality materials that will keep your boat running strong for years to come. this boat cover vent is for the 3-pack from aire ventilators. This pack has enough covers for 2 boats. The covers are made of durable vinyl and are a great way to keep your boat looking new. the boat vent is a great way to keep your boat cool and comfortable. This venting system uses a unique design that expel water from the boat vent in order to improve air quality in your area. The boat vent is also dishwasher & microwave resistant so you can keep your boat cooked for many years. this boat vent is perfect for extending themax. The boat vent 2 is made of sturdy materials and features acool design, making it perfect for boat owners who need to air-tightly protect their parts from the water. The vent can be easily adapted to the size and shape of your boat, car or ship, making it an ideal accessory for any ocean-going vessel.