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Belmor Vent Shades

The belmor vent shades are the perfect solution for your peterbilt 379. They provide superior safety and look in comparison to the normal tapes.

Top 10 Belmor Vent Shades

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Belmor Vent Shades Amazon

The belmor vs-k2-1 tape-on stainless steel ventshades is a great choice for kenworth t400 1995-1997 belmor vs-k2-1 tape-on stainless steel ventshades. They are designed to improve fuel economy and protect the paint by reducing noise and light. the belmor ventshades are a great way to keep yourloader running and looking good. These shades are made of stainless steel and have a black and white contrast style. They are made of metal sentenced with a belmor logo in the center. They are recommended to be used with a tape measure to make sure they are at the correct location. belmor vs-nt8w-1 tape-on wide stainless steel ventshades are perfect for a sleek and professional look. They have a modern look that is perfect for any business or office. They are also easy to clean, making them great for busy businesses. these belmor vent shades are the best choice for your peterbilt 379 87-03. They are made of stainless steel, and they are made to protect your engine bay from the sun and the rain. They are tape-on wide, so they are perfect for both male and female owners, and they are themable in various colors and designs.