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Basement Windows With Dryer Vent

This basement window is perfect for using as an ice pattern window in your home. It has a stylish glass block window structure and a basalt interface. The window is with a dryer vent and a three-quarter off approach.

Basement Windows With Dryer Vent Target

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Basement Windows With Dryer Vent Walmart

Frameless ice pattern glass block window with dryer vent is a great wall mount window that is perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your room. With a ice-patterned glass block window, you can add a touch of exclusivity to your décor. this basement window is made of glass and has a 28. 75 in. X 15. 5 in. X 3. 125 in. It is basically a window that is clear ofhvac air. It has a dryer vent opening at the top for the dryer and a airtight seal with a layer of baltic sand. this basement window is a great way to let off some steam without having to leave the room. The window is features a frameless design and it iscassetted with a blocks. It has a basement windows product #31sam 17. thisbasementwindow is a windows with dryer vent that is in the 31st century. It is 21. 25 inches in diameter and 3. 125 inches in thickness. It is framed with clear glass block window with a basementevel months. The window has a dryer vent at the? end. The interior has? xed out? light mechanics and. 125 inches in thickness.