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Air Vent

This is a great air vent for iphone 7 and 7s models that offers a universal slot capacity for those looking to use their phone in the open air or in bad weather! The baseus universal car cell phone holder for air vent allows for not only texting but also voicemail anddownloading apps with your phone in hand. This is a great addition to yourkitchen, walk-away office, or any other area that needs to be well-airballed!

Air Vent Covers

The air vent covers are the perfect way to protect your car from dirt, dust and other debris. By keeping your car clean and free of debris, you can enjoy itsordinary beauty. when it comes to choosing a cover, there are many factors to consider. The most important factor is how often your car will be used and how much space is needed for a long period of time. some car companies offer a free cover for buying a car with a low mileage. The cover provides some protection from dirt, the cover should be made of a sturdy material that will not break when cleaning larger areas. Some materials include; plastic, metal, cloth and straw. the air vent covers should be added to a clean work surface where you can use them as a protector. By using this cover regularly, you will keep your car in good condition and protect it from dirt,

Air Vents

The air vents on your phone can quickly and easily become clogged with pollen and dust. Simply remove the air vents and install a grille of your choice instead. Easily find and use air vents to access your phone in the evening or during a storm. The gravity car mount air vents make staying connected with your phone a breeze. this is a magnetic air vent stand for your mobile phone that comes with a mount for the battery. The stand can be used in a back up position when you're not using the phone and also can be used as a holder for your battery. this is a universal rotate car mount holder stand air vent cradle for mobile cell phone. It can be used as a stand for air venting or as a cradle for a mobile phone. It includes an air venting team and a cradle for a mobile phone. this air vent cover is perfect for keeping your car a/c and climate control systems safe and sound while you're driving. It durable and perfect for now or future applications. The stylish design will make your car stand out from the rest.